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The PhD degree continues to be the realm of the specialist, and as higher levels of expertise in certain key areas such as technology, economics and finance, health sciences and medicine are in greater demand the popularity and the demand of the qualification keeps growing.

Many governments in the world today have also recognized the need to enhance the development of research and are encouraging the meritotious international students to come and study PhD programs in their own countries, offering new and exciting opportunities for those willing to accept the challenge. But there are students who have limitations regarding full time attendance and look towards a correspondence study . Hence distance education phd is a good way to achieve the doctorate degree which many students aspire for.

Universities normally do not enroll candidates part-time or correspondence level unless it is satisfied that the candidate can spend substantial time and has access to the resources that are required to get the degree. The Phd degree should be achieved within a limited time frame and students should put a great deal of effort to complete the thesis successfully. Off campus Ph.D study involves regulations of at least 6 months of study and research should be carried out at the University campus. If a candidate cannot meet this requirement, special permission should be sought at the time of admission.

For any candidate who will be based primarily outside the University campuses Ph.d distance learning is the best way to achieve the course. The student should explain to the university why off-campus is a better option. The supporting statement must also include the name of any other institution in which the candidate will be based for substantial periods of time, the intended periods of residency at the university, the arrangements which will be made to ensure adequate supervision during periods of off campus stay. In order to enroll and start off with the PhD thesis, it is important that you enroll in a good university under the supervision of a good professor. Distance education PhD is a good way to achieve the doctorate degree but the effort that is required is no less than a campus PhD. Admission is required once, at the beginning of a candidature. The decision to enroll a student into the PhD course is based upon the discretion of the admission panel. Enrolment follows admission and the student gets the doctorate degree once the thesis is submitted. Many good PhD applications are rejected because there is no supervisor available to the students at the time of application. If you are to be a successful applicant, it is essential that you research the appropriate university departments to ensure that their research specializations match the requirements of your research proposal.

Correspondence masters degree and PhD programs have the added value of bringing a cultural dimension to the study, enabling the student to be in touch with academics and researchers from another country. PhD students benefit a great deal by networking with professors from different countries and sharing knowledge. The networks also help the students to pursue employment and career opportunities in different countries. Almost all PhD programs last between three to five years, depending on the education system prevailing in the country of study. Studying a PhD program is most certainly not for all students'. But people who want to explore the unknown can research on the subject, all the way to get the doctorate degree.

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