Dissertation Research Proposal

How To Write A Dissertation Research Proposal

The format for a dissertation research proposal, like the type of research itself, varies from university to university. There are universities that prefer qualitative over quantitative researches. Others allot many pages for research results and allow an extensive discussion is such area. Despite the obvious differences, the process of writing a dissertation research proposal is the same. Its effectiveness will depend on how you write it---with persuasion, credibility, and thoroughness. There is no substitute for a well-researched and not to mention, a well-written, research proposal. So before writing anything else, make sure that everything you need is organized and ready.

Like in any kind of research work, it is important that you identify the resources available in your locale, which you can use to complete your project. With that note, it is important that you do an extensive survey of literature and sort which of those will be useful in your study. To come up with a research topic without even considering this very important factor might shock you at a later phase in the research process. After a survey of materials available, you can now choose and define your research topic. This is where you frame your working title and statement of the problem, which is actually a list of questions expounding your thesis statement. These are the questions you will try to address in the results part of your dissertation.

It is important which material you can use for your research. A dissertation research proposal, also called a sample research proposal, is not effective if its purpose and rationale is not aptly defended. There must be a strong reason why there is a need to write such a dissertation. Most research proposals are disapproved or refuted mainly because it does not give enough justification for its writing. This is where the work of theory comes in. Theories expose the gaps in previous studies in the same field of specialization. These gaps are what present research ought to fill. Some universities, especially the best ones, emphasize that dissertation must be a contribution to an already existing body of knowledge about the subject.

The originality of your research idea on that particularly field of study must also be checked. Rehashed research proposals always seem to find their way to the trash bin every now and then. The point is you cannot be simply writing about something that ha already been reading about. That is the reason why most scholars would take great lengths like conducting an exhaustive research on several major libraries in the area. To pass the originality test, the best thing to do is to write on topics that no one seems to write much. If there are writings, they are scant if not outdated, thus, calling for an additional and newer literature. Studies that require fieldwork sometimes produce the most original pieces of work.

The suggestion above may be contradictory to making sure that there are resources for it. It somehow contradicts to the availability factor of references. But since this is a doctoral dissertation, which by educational standards, is the highest degree earned by an individual, the purpose is not to rewrite but to research. For one, the best sources are the primary sources. Books, journals, periodicals, monographs, and clippings are only secondary. Lastly, when writing a dissertation research proposal such as a business research proposal, the researcher has to have the sensitivity to trends and movements in his field of inquiry. Timeliness somehow fits in the picture of writing a proposal.

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