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Phd Study - Is It Worth It?

A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated Phd is the highest academic degree in any subject of study. This degree involves extended study and intense effort. Before pursing a PhD masters degree in a given field a student should have a bachelor's and master's degree in a particular subject.

A doctorate student has to study a subject in detail and master the subject. There are many resources that a student can access while studying for the Phd degree. During the study period reference sources such as text books, journals and publications are required to prepare the doctoral thesis. Students take help from their Phd guide and other students who have already submitted their thesis papers. Every student who wants to attain the doctorate degree must present their research results to the faculty in a lengthy, formal document called a dissertation or thesis that has to be defended during the interviews that follow. Distance learning Phd education is also possible but the students must have access to sufficient resources to complete the degree. Every university establishes general guidelines that a student must follow to earn a Ph.D. degree. The essence that distinguishes Ph.d. study from other academic work is research. Graduate school Phd study is all about gaining better knowledge on the subject, exploring, investigating and contemplating. Phd students in different fields are awarded medallions from different organizations after they successfully complete their research. Some of the research work help in developing new products and the industry steps forward to market the idea or a product that has been developed as a result of the research.

Many of us find it difficult to decide whether to go ahead for a Ph.D. degree or not. It is really a difficult question because there are many job opportunities that lie ahead of us once we complete our masters degree. It needs to be understood that Phd study calls for sincere efforts and years of dedicated research on a subject. Only if you are passionate about a subject and have the tenacity to pursue the course till completion you should go ahead. It is not uncommon to find many students who drop out of the course in the middle. If you are interested in a research career a Phd degree is for you. You can also continue doing further research on the subject even after you get your doctorate degree. Also if your career interests are in academics a doctorate degree can help you to go a long way. There are many subjects that can be chosen for a Phd thesis. From science to culture there are innumerable opportunities.

An individual needs to assess themselves for intelligence, creativity, intense curiosity, adaptability, self-motivation, competitiveness and maturity before starting on a Phd degree. You need to give full time effort on the subject and success or failure depends on these factors. A research career brings in many awards and accolades to scientists who pursue study on a subject and come out with new findings. The Nobel Prize is highest award that one can get if they excel in their study areas. Apart from the Nobel Prize, there are innumerable awards that have been constituted by governments to encourage students pursuing research studies. You should also take note of the fact that while studying for your Phd degree, the university gives stipends to the doctorate students. Phd scholars teach students at the undergraduate level in the universities.

A Phd studies graduate degree helps you meet and work with some of the brightest and intellectual people. You will reach for ideas and in so doing extend your intellectual capabilities. You will solve problems that have not been solved before. You will explore concepts that have not been explored. In a way a scholar can change ways many things work. If all these excite you, Phd study is for you.

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