Research Grant Writing

Research Grant Writing Tips

Doing a research on any subject requires constant flow of funds. Otherwise it becomes difficult to continue and the research may get stalled in the middle. This can be a disastrous situation and all efforts will go for waste. Government and many private bodies encourage and support research initiatives by sanctioning funds. However, not everyone is lucky to get funds for research. You have to present your case in a professional way to get your funds sanctioned. There are guidelines which need to be followed when you are requesting a Government or private body for funds. Research grant writing involves the coordination of several activities which include planning, searching for data and resources, writing and packaging a proposal, submitting a proposal and follow-up. Here are some steps that should help. The first step should be to go through a few research grant sample and understand the structure. You are likely to find preliminary grant writing steps to be the most time consuming, yet most vital aspect of the process. If done well, your prepartory work will simplify the writing stage.

Defining your project is a very important step. You have to clarify the purpose of your project and write a concise mission statement. When writing research grant proposals the scope of work should be properly defined. The request for grants can be for different activities such as recruitment activity, production training, and equipment purchase. Research benefits and expected results should be drafted in specific measurable terms. Once the goals are defined it is important to identify the right funding sources. Foundation centers, computerized databases, publications and public libraries are some of the resources available to assist your funding search. Do not limit your funding search to one source. Look for a match between your research project and the grants you seek by looking for consistency between the purpose and goals of your project and the objective of the funding agency. In addition, mention specific funding priorities and preferences.

After finishing the research proposal writing you should circulate the proposal among the maximum number of agencies possible. Also try to make a fair estimate of the grant amount and determine if funding levels of the grants you select are appropriate for your project. Find out whether the funding agency has other grant sources for which your project is eligible. Once the funding organisations are identified, they should be approached in a professional manner with a formal proposal. Identify a project officer who will address your questions. Some agencies also offer technical assistance while others do not. Try to understand how the proposals are reviewed and if needed make necessary changes to the proposal document. Research grant writing is a skill and it would be good idea from professional who are experts in drafting research proposals.

Determine your personal requirements also during the research period. Personnel compensation is important because the proposal has to include all the figures. After getting all the facts and figures in place you can write your winning research grant proposal.

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